The birth of Thermibel

The birth of Thermibel The idea of creating Thermibel was born in the mind of Mr Giancarlo PISTIS who, together with friends and family, started Thermibel in 1982. Designing electronic temperature probes (Pt100 and thermocouples) and distributing temperature-related equipment were the two core businesses of Thermibel for a long time, until the laboratory was added in 1995. Today, Thermibel is the leading Belgian manufacturer of temperature probes for industry.

Le savoir-faire de nos collaborateurs

The know-how of our employees

A company is not just a factory with machines, it is above all a group of people working together to develop temperature solutions to meet your needs. Find out more about the members of the Thermibel family..
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Our certifications

Quality has always been at the heart of our concerns. Having an accreditation to meet the criteria of a standard is not just a piece of paper for us, it's a guarantee that what we do, we do well and with guaranteed traceability. Thermibel is ISO 9001:2015 and ATEX accredited. We also have our own calibration laboratory for temperature sensors from -100°C to +1300°C and have obtained ISO 17025 BELAC accreditation under number 139-CAL.

A team ...

Thermibel accompanies its employees both when they take up their position and throughout their career in the company, by promoting their professional development as much as possible. Group or individual training is offered to all employees. In addition, internal mobility is a development issue within the company. Thermibel prioritizes and promotes internal development with regard to the skills, qualifications and wishes of employees.

Romuald PISTIS

Managing director

Romuald PISTIS

In-house technical sales department


Sales representative Frenche subsidiary Thermimesure

Magali MAZZA

Sales assistant / First-aider

Magali MAZZA
Marketing and export department

Marketing & export department

Cristina & Nadina TEGAS

Purchasing department

Cristina & Nadina TEGAS

Sales engineer Flanders


Head of production


Technical production & planning team


Technical production & planning team

Paolo Salamone

Quality Control/Health & Safety Advisor

In a few numbers

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Number of temperature points calibrated for our customers per year
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Creation of the Thermibel company in Strépy-Bracquegnies in Belgium

Launch of our first product line of electronic temperature sensors



Opening of our internal laboratory

Validation of our certifications for Thermibel



Opening of the French subsidiary THERMIMESURE based in Lille

Beginning of our partnership with Beamex


  • Chemical/Petrochemical
  • Ciment
  • Equipment suppliers
  • Food-processing
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Pharmacy
  • Plastics industry
  • Glassware
  • R & D
  • Sidérurgie
  • Transportation
  • Travaux publics


Chimie / Pétrochimie

Thermibel is active in the chemical industry. Thanks to experience, we are qualified to produce all types sensors for use in explosive environments following a precisely developed specification. Our resistance probes and single, double or multipoint thermowells are suitable for explosive atmospheres. These sensors comply with applicable European standards. (Directive 94/9/CE). Some examples of applications: chemical reactors, refining towers, off-shore, etc.



Thermibel offers sensors for measurement in industrial environments with stringent mechanical or chemical constraints (fumes) used particularly in cement manufacture. Thermibel offers you a specific choice of protective sheathing with high chrome or nickel chrome content in order to increase their resistance and service life. Some examples of applications: grinder and crusher temperature, preheating cyclone temperature, filter and ventilator, furnace and clinker cooler temperature.

Equipment suppliers


Thermibel adapts to all requirements and tailors solutions for all situations. Thanks to its state-of-the-art machines, Thermibel can perform all of the precision mechanics necessary for the manufacture of reinforcements and connections making the integration of your design possible. Flexibility and the ability to adapt to your requirements are Thermibel’s strongpoint. Some examples of applications: sensors for turbines, pumps, speed reducers and multipliers, transmission casings and industrial furnaces.



Thermibel offers temperature sensors specifically for aggressive environments such as washing, humidity resistance and baking process testing.



Thermibel draws on the expertise it has built up in industrial process sensors since its creation. In collaboration with engineering departments, test centres and research institutes, Thermibel develops sensors at the cutting edge of technology. Some examples of applications: temperature of nuclear fuel elements, pool water, heating bands, process temperature: water, steam, motor bearing sensor.



Thermibel offers sensors for measurement in climatic or industrial environments with chemical constraints (fumes) used particularly in incineration plants. Thermibel offers you a specific choice of protective sheathing to increase their service life. Some examples of applications: incineration temperature; compost temperature measurement; average temperature probe; internal, external or cabinet atmosphere probe.



Thermibel offers specific probes for pharmaceutical environments with very low roughness coefficients, high precision calibration that is resistant to cleaning by autoclaving (pressure, temperature, humidity).

Plastics industry


Thermibel manufactures different sensors for plastic processing. J or K type thermocouples tend to play a major role to ensure part quality. They are fixed by bayonet or screw fittings. On account of the special shape of the tip, these thermocouples are particularly suitable for good contact in your alloys or with profiled or flat points to ensure optimal recording. Some examples of applications: temperature measurement for moulds, injection presses, extrusion presses, or blow moulding machines, temperature measurement of thick slurry.



In permanent collaboration with glass research centres, Thermibel supplies turnkey ensembles throughout the world for the measurement of glassware temperature. Some examples of applications: temperature of ovens, baths, glass melting, melting vault, melting hearth, transverse thermocouples, tin bath, bus bar, casing temperature, electrode thermocouples, water temperature, fuel temperature, etc.

R & D

R & D

Having engineers in our team means we can offer services that go further in terms of knowledge and development: design, manufacturing, installation of sensors on test pieces, prototypes, test parts for thermal studies or the characterisation of materials, finite elements calculations for simulation of thermo-mechanical constraints, wear tests, response time measurements, etc.



Thermibel has been placing its considerable experience and high performance technologies at the service of your steel-making industry for over 25 years. Our range of resistance sensors and thermocouples can be used for all your applications. We offer thermocouples or malleable, cladded probes or high temperature series thermocouples with double ceramic sheathing for blast furnaces and steelworks.



Thermibel offers its experience for the specific manufacture of motor command sensors such as exhaust gas, combustion chamber, bearing temperature and cooling temperature sensors. Similarly, our experience in electronics enables us also to propose electrical control harnesses.

Travaux publics

Travaux Publics

Thermibel offers sensors for temperature measurement in concrete, soil and rock. Monitoring the temperature will make it possible to better dissociate the intrinsic variability of the material from variation due to temperature.


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