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We are a Belgian company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of temperature sensors and measuring instruments. We offer a wide range of products tailored to the specific needs of our customers. At Thermibel, we offer thermocouples, resistance thermometers, temperature transmitters and data loggers, among other temperature measurement and control instruments. We are committed to providing high quality solutions. We work with a variety of industries, including food, energy, chemicals and metallurgy. Our aim is to offer tailor-made products and to meet our customers’ expectations in terms of performance and reliability. Trust Thermibel for your temperature measurement needs.

Internal laboratory

Thermibel has been manufacturing temperature sensors since 1981 and has acquired recognised expertise in this field. Numerous quality standards require manufacturers and laboratories to validate measurement and test equipment. Thermibel can help you meet these requirements.

Our BELAC-accredited temperature laboratory carries out these calibrations in the laboratory (accredited) or on site (non-accredited). This accreditation, obtained in 1996, recognises the competence of our staff and the resources and methods used.

Our on-site calibrations also comply fully with the AMS2750 aeronautical standard (latest version).

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ATEX-compliant temperature sensor for pipe temperatures

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Why is temperature not a physical quantity like other measurement units?

Temperature is not a quantity in the strict sense of the term as the majority of other measurement units are.



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Thermibel celebrates 20 years of collaboration with Beamex! Thermibel is the exclusive distributor of the Beamex brand in Belgium.


Project 1

Thermocouple type “J” for temperature measurement on moving surfaces. Spring mounting Integrated female connector. Business sector: cement.

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Leader in Belgium

Thermibel has been manufacturing electronic temperature sensors (thermocouples, Pt100, etc.) since 1983. The company has a surface area of 1800 square metres and is located in Strépy-Bracquegnies, 50 km south of Brussels. It employs 28 people. We work with several European partners (Beamex , Isotech , Inor ) and have benefited from this experience for many years. We are well known in Belgium, where we are the main producer, as well as abroad. We are currently expanding our activities in different parts of the world. In May 2014, we inaugurated the opening of our French subsidiary THERMIMESURE based in Lille.


Customized innovation

We don’t just make temperature sensors, we’ve been designing them and providing a thermal solution for our customers for over 40 years. Whatever the working conditions in your plant, we will always find an innovative solution to enable you to measure the temperature of your process.


Business sectors

We operate in a wide range of industries, including aeronautical maintenance, chemicals, turnkey engineering solutions, foundries, glassworks, incinerators, the steel industry, nuclear power, petrochemicals, railways, the automotive industry and pharmaceuticals. We can offer solutions to all temperature-taking problems.


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